Milwaukee stands for LGBT rights

In 2006 WI voters choose to change WI marriage law to define marriage between one man and one woman and also has wording that outlaws civil unions for gay and straight couples. This past election several other states have taken away gay people’s right to marry and to adopt children. Yesterday, all across this country, people stood up and protested.  Protests were held in every state and 10 countries.  Totals of Join the Impact protest numbers from cities around the US can be found here.

This was the Milwaukee protest:

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact

Milwaukee Join the Impact


And, the news coverage by Channel 58, CBS Milwaukee’s TDJT


  1. here from lesbian dad. I grew up in Madison so I was really sad when WI passed the marriage ban. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since that ban passed. You have beautiful pictures of the families there!!

  2. rjjrdq – Not sure. Milwaukee was the first city, though, to sign up on the Join the Impact site from WI. We even beat Madison in speed. I was impressed. I think a lot of people came out all over the state as we are still in shock from our own amendment 2 years ago.

    Miss Emish– Welcome. I know. 2 years. Yikes!

    Meloukhia- Also, welcome. And yes it was mighty chilly. I kept having to take my gloves on and off to take pictures and not freeze. Also, are you doing NaBloPoMo? If so, good for you!!! Over half way there!

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