This is reprehensible

The other day I read the New York Times article entitled Deported in a Come, Saved Back in the U.S. and I can’t get the story out of my head.  Basically, it was talking about how some US hospitals are deporting immigrants who have been injured and will have long term health care needs.  In some cases, they even deported legal immigrants and US citizens.

I understand the argument for deporting illegal immigrants who are injured while in the US.  I do not necessarily agree with it, but I do understand the position.

However, the story about the baby who had been born in that very hospital that month?  That child was a US citizen a deserved care.  Her parents were in the US legally and working; she deserved care.  Her parents should have been listened too when they said they did not want to send her back to Mexico.  They should not have had to get a lawyer.  That lawyer should not have had to call the police and have the police stop the hospital en route to the airport.  This is a US citizen!

Similarly, I am outraged at the stories of immigrants who come here legally and were deported while in coma.  If we want to encourage legal immigrants and legal migrant worker programs, then we have to show people that there are benefits to being in the country legally.  Kicking them out, deporting them while in coma, going against the expressed and explicit wishes of family members who are also in the US legally is not the way to do this!

I would like to applaud hospitals that do not take part in this practice; many do not.  I would like to publicly condem hospitals that do and states, like Arizona, that support them.


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  1. That is disgusting….I can’t believe hospitals deport people while they are in a coma, or when they are US citizens….although it becomes really difficult when it the citizen is the baby of two illegal immigrants. I have worked with illegal immigrants for the past 5 years in Boulder, and they deserve so much better than that, or than the majority of the service they receive. Maybe if the US immigration policy wasn’t so f*ing difficut, less people would try to enter illegally.

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