Skype = Happiness

I don’t often plug “products” on my blog– usually just people or organizations that I support.  However, I have to stop and appreciate skype because it has become a key piece of my daily life.

For those who do not know what the program is, it is a computer program that allows you to speak for free to other people with the same computer program around the world.  Moreover, if you have video capabilities you can talk via web cam (or one side can have web cam and the other not).  It also, for a low fee, allows you to call from computer to home phone or cell phone around the world. Prices vary but they are generally competitive to cheap and usually I have had good connections.

The other feature of Skype which I really enjoy is under “do more” and it allows you to play boardgames with people around the world.  Most of the games are two player (tic-tac-toe, chess, checkers, backgammon, battleship, etc) while others are multiplayer (Chinese checkers).

Because I travel so much, and people I love are often in a different country, this program has been fabulous.  It really is amazing what technology can do!

And, if this weren’t enough, Abby blogged about using Skype today.  What a coicidence!!!



  1. Yay for Skype!! F. and I used to play those games all the time until he accused me of being too competitive…I contend he was just a sore loser. 😉

  2. Julieta– S actually thinks that Claro, one of the cell phone providers in Chile, is using Skype to maintain its services. Jajaja. But, when I call from skype, it appears on his cell as if I were calling from Chile. And the quality is about the same,

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