Daylight savings is out to get me!

It is that time of year again when our clocks in the Northern Hemisphere fall back.  Growing up, this was always the time jump I preferred– the one that gave me an extra hour of sleep.  Even in college when other students reveled in another hour at the bar, I was happy to go and get an extra hour sleep.  The “spring forward” one always bothered me for the opposite reason.

This year I am absolutely against daylight savings even if it get me an extra hour of sleep.  The extra hour, in my world, is just not worth the cost.


Because S still lives in Chile and it makes us further apart.  This is a difficult concept to wrap your mind around until you realize that the southern hemisphere has the opposite season as the northern.  Don’t ask me why, just understand that this is a fact.  Therefore, recently, Chile hit day lights savings and sprung forward.  Before this leap, there was a one hour time difference between Chile and Milwaukee (Central Standard Time).  After the leap, which happened 2 weeks ago, there was a 2 hour difference.  As of tomorrow, after we in the US have “fallen back”, this will become a three hour difference.

Because of daylight savings, WI will be three hours behind Chile!

This means that when I get off work and home around 7pm, it is already 10pm there.  It means that I have to call right away without eating or else we barely get to talk.  It means that our conversations are shorter. It means he is tireder and staying up later.  It probably means that we will have a lot fewer games of chess… or at least the games will be less involved as he is tired. It means I have to hurry home. It means if I am late I may arrive to a message of “I am sorry love, but am to tired, must sleep. Talk to you tomorrow I hope.” — except, of course, that message would most likely be in Spanish as S still is working on his English.

See? Daylight savings is really against me.


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