Two unrelated political pieces

First, as someone who is worried about McCain’s foreign policy and the levels of hypocrisy that his campaign has risen to AND as someone who has lived in Chile and knows personally the pain that Pinochet inflicted during his dictatorship, I was appalled while I read Huffington Posts piece McCain’s private visit with Chilean Dictator Pinochet revealed for the first time. Considering the way he has loudly opposed Obama’s willingness to speak with dictators and “enemy regimes” despite the fact that Obama has always said that he would do so with diplomacy and speaking out against terrorism, torture, and human rights violations committed by them, I found this piece particularly poignant.

Second, I wanted to tell (or remind) bloggers that Mombian has information about a Write to Marry Day on October 29th.  This is a time to express views on Proposition 8 that wants to take away the right to vote from gay and lesbian couples in CA.  There are multiple other similar propositions around the country and it would be great if non-LGBT blogs also expressed their opinion.  To get the you excited about the topic, I am leaving you with this video (a spoof on the Mac vs. PC commercials):

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