Before we get down to the issues, a theme song recommendation

I learned, from watching Ally McBeal, that people should have theme songs.   During the show, many characters had theme songs (and often danced associated with the theme songs).  Supposedly, these songs gave them definition, helped them get through hard time, or simply gave them courage to be who they were.  In case you were not an Ally fan, or have forgotten, the first two scenes of this video show John Cage and Ally McBeal’s theme songs.

In an unrelated note, I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming US presidential election.  Let’s face it, it is hard not to think about it with (A) the amount of commercials and (B) the importance it holds. I have been, as always, faithfully watching the debates, reading the newspapers, listening to NPR, and reading the candidates’ position papers.  I plan to write up some of my thoughts in the upcoming weeks.

In another unrelated note, I never wrote about how much I loved the musical Wicked when I saw it last year. I have been thinking, since so much of the commentary about the musical was that it could be related to current politics particularly George Bush, that I should do a post.

Then– it hit me.  These are not actually unrelated points. It has occurred to me that Sarah Palin should have a theme song and it should be “Popular” from Wicked.

Here is the video:

Here are the lines that I think are particularly important:

POPULAR! you’re gonna be popular!
I’ll teach you the proper ploys,
when you talk to boys,
little ways to flirt and flounce, ooh!
I’ll show you what shoes to wear!
how to fix your hair!
everything that really counts to be…


when i see depressing creatures,
with unprepossessing features,
i remind them on their own behalf
to – think – of
celebrated heads of state,
or specially great communicators!
did they have brains or knowledge?
don’t make me laugh!

they were POPULAR!
please! it’s all about popular.
it’s not about aptitude,
it’s the way you’re viewed,
so it’s very shrewd to be,
very very popular like ME!

Okay, admittedly, this might be a low blow.  But, I was really disappointed by the VP debates. I was not disappointed because she didn’t completely unravel like in the Katie Coric interviews, I was disappointed because Gwen Ifill did not call her on the fact that she was not answering questions.  I wanted to hear what Sarah had to say and not a bunch of talking points from her note cards and prep.  Substance matters to me and substantively Biden won the debate because, for the most part, he answered or made an attempt to answer the questions.

My high school’s class elections were a popularity contest– our presidential elections should not be.


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