The debates have started…

What did you think about the presidential debates? What are you looking forward to or not looking forward to in the VP debates this Thursday at my old stomping grounds.



  1. Did you go to WashU? I studied in Chile through their program. We must know some of the same people…like Evelyn!

    I am pumped for the VP debate. I look forward to seeing how Palin handles herself when she’s not totally scripted. I’m not expecting much, but my Dad (a Republican, unfortunately) thinks she’s a good debater. I’m hoping to prove him wrong.

    Also, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who sleeps with stuffed animals!! 🙂

  2. all i want to say about the debates is if mccain said “what mr. obama doesn’t seem to understand” one more time I was going to jump through the TV screen and smack him. I too am uber pumped to watch Biden kick the crap out of Palin (an utter moron and am embarassment to women) at my alma mater.

  3. Abby– I did know Evelyn. In fact, I worked with her on a new Service Learning Program that Wash U tried in Chile last summer (US).

    Brian– When you get the rules… send them over. Although if you say every time Palin says something you disagree with take a shot, I may be on the floor before the end of the first questions.

    Katina– I thought it was funny considering the TV adds for Obama painting McCain as out of touch… and the fact that McCain is trying to usurp the message of change. Funny, but yes, annoying too.

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