Sleazy people

A lot of sleazy people find my site. I have come to accept that this is the reality of the way search engines–and the internet in general–work. I am fairly sure I do not give them the information they want.  I have commented about the random, and sometimes gross or sleazy, ways that people find my site via search engines in Who are you people? and Google: a tool or just a randomizer?

Another way that blogs pick up readers is when another blog “links” to them.  For example, when I tell you to send luck to Looky Daddy, or congratulate Mamacita Chilena for selling her photography to the embassy, or practice your spanish with Julieta, I am linking to them. Usually I am trilled when people link to me.  It is a great way to increase traffic, make new blog-friends, and get a different perspective.

That said, today I was not so happy!  I have had over 203 hits in just a few hours on my Is Chile having a sexual revolution? blog.  When I looked at my stats, I realized that the majority of them were all coming from one reference site. In fact, the site has jumped to #7 in all time referrals (with 143 referrals) to my site behind (498 referrals), (474 referrals), (279 referrals), (246 referrals), (189 referrals), and (165 referrals).

I decided to check it out as it was not a blog I was familiar with.  Turns out that it is an online chatboard for where to find prostitutes in South America and reviews thereof.  Needless to say– eww!  Now, I already get a lot of these people on their own.  And, yes, I do talk about prostitution in Chile.  But still.  And, my blog is right their on the board.

So, since I can’t do anything about it besides gripe (or give up blogging), I decided to put an update on the article.  In case you are too lazy to scroll down the page (and because I think it is important enough to post twice), here it is:


For the hundreds of you who are finding this link of the conversation board on where to find the best hookers and hook-ups in South America, I want to point out that the below article is about clubs for teens. If you are a US citizen and go abroad and have sex with a minor you can be prosecuted back in the United States under the PROTECT act. In fact, one of the earliest cases tried and won was against a US man who went to Chile and had sex with minors.

***End of Update***



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