Metro publicity

I have really been meaning to blog about this topic for the longest time. When I was living in Santiago, I always told myself that next time I would take a picture of this series of metro advertisements… and yet, I never did. I am kicking myself for that now as 1) I am not in Santiago or Chile anymore, 2) I had really wanted to post the whole series– hey Kyle or Heather or Emily, could you take pictures and email me or post on your flickr accounts??– 3) I had already thought of translations and commentary and 4) they get funnier the more you see.

That said, beggars cannot be choosers. I will take what I could get (the above).

I have already talked about my feelings on the Transantiago, Santiago’s new mass transit system. Overall, I am one of the few people who had anything positive to say. Quickly after the launch it was clear that the system had a serious PR problem, which, I assume, is why they hired a PR firm who came up with these adds. The one above translates to “I am nice by nature”. The idea being if people are nice on the metro the ride will be nice. Most of the signs were similar pleas for people to act humanely while riding the metro. Overall, they made me laugh. They also reminded me of Mark’s comments on China trying to teach its people to be nice before the Olympics through large red signs with slogans such as “I participate! I contribute! I am happy!” His post, and blog, are really worth a read–especially if you need a laugh.



  1. Thanks for using my photo. I love this campaign, too, and since I’ll be in Santiago til the end of the year, I’m hoping to get shots of each of the ads. I’ll post any more photos I take of them to my flickr.

  2. You didn’t mention the sexual subtext of lots of the ads! Not this one, but there are several that are just these innocent-seeming phrases that actually have a sexual subtext. I can remember the one with a girl with a daisy that says “siempre doy la pasada” and the guy with two girls next to him saying “nunca me paso de la raya.” It’s kind of creepy.

    And I would take pics for you but am currently camera-less since some flaite felt that my camera should be HIS (or her!) camera along with the other things in my apartment 😦

  3. I know!! That is why I wanted all of the pictures so I could talk about machismo in the media, sexualization of minors, lack of political correctness, etc. I fact, I would have said more on this one…. But I really need the series.

    As for the camera—Ug! I hate the people who broke into your apt (and the cops that came afterward and robbed you of more!) Hug.

  4. I actually clicked to comment on that Yo doy la pasada one, but Emily beat me to it, so now I have nothing to say.

    If I am ever in the metro I will take pictures for you. I can’t tell you when that will be though. I avoid public transportation at all costs.

  5. I know! I know! I really want to talk about it… but the conversation only works if people can see it. And too many non-Chile people read the blog.

    Also, I am not as talented as NPR. They are having a new comic strip segment on All Things Considered (I think) where they describe the comic, then read the dialogue.

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