Beers galore!

S and I have always lamented in Chile about the small amount of microbrewery beers that are available and how few places carry them. Although I really like some of the microbreweries around, for example Kuntsmann (the big one) or Del Puerto and Die-something-or-other (sold at Patagonia), they are hard to find and don’t have the array of flavors and types as in the states. Therefore, we have been binging on beer since we got here. Here are those I can think of:

  1. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Cattail ale
  2. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Cream City, a pale ale
  3. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Organic ESB, which was really good
  4. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Riverwest Stein Beer, a lager
  5. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Eastside Dark, a lager we didn’t really care for
  6. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Klisch, a pilsner
  7. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Cherry Lager, one of their seasonal beers which is quite tasty and a bit tart
  8. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s White Beer, another seasonal brew
  9. Lakefront Brewery in WI’s Pumpkin Lager, another season that is wonderful in its delicate spiciness
  10. Sprecher’s Black Bavarian which I love
  11. Sprecher’s Hefe weiss, which we both loved!
  12. Sprecher’s Brown Pub Ale, which was tasty!
  13. Sprecher’s Amber ale
  14. Sprecher’s Mai Bock.
  15. Sprecher’s Shakparo, which is supposedly west african in nature
  16. Sprecher’s Octoberfest, which we thought was boring!
  17. Sprecher’s Abbey Triple, which S said was possibly the best beer he had ever tried
  18. Sprecher’s IPA2, which we didn’t care for
  19. Sprecher’s Piper’s Scotch Ale, which was way up there with Sprecher’s Abbey Triple
  20. Sprecher’s Mamma Mia’s Pizza beer which is brewed with real oregano, basil, tomatoes and garlic.  It actually smells like a pizza which for a beer is wierd!
  21. Leinenkugel in WI’s Berry weiss, which was a bit too sweet
  22. Leinenkugel in WI’s Honey weiss, which we didn’t really like
  23. Leinenkugel in WI’s Sunset wheat, which we loved
  24. Leinenkugel in WI’s Red, which was ok.
  25. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s Raspberry Hefeweizen, which is possibly my favorite beer of all time
  26. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s Dry-Hopped APA, which was Seba’s favorite of the Schlafly
  27. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s Oatmeal Stout
  28. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s Pale Ale
  29. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s No. 15, another that Seba loved
  30. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s Pilsner
  31. Schlafly in St. Louis, MO’s Hefeweizen
  32. Tsingtao, a Chinese beer
  33. A vietnamese beer that I can’t find the website or name for
  34. Tripel Karmeliet, which was S’s favorite with a hint of vanilla
  35. Kwak BEL, which we both liked had a flavor of coriander and a rich amber color
  36. Hennepin Farmhouse Ale, we did not like this one!
  37. Lindemans Apple, which was increadibly sweat and more like a cider. I really liked it but S didn’t care for it
  38. Capitol Brewery, also in WI’s, Rustic Ale
  39. Blue Moon’s Belgian White a long time favorite of mine that S also liked
  40. Some Blueberry beer in a random bar in NY that was really tasty
  41. Spotted Cow from WI’s New Clarus Brewing Co.
  42. A non-alcoholic beer that was so good we didn’t know it was non-alcoholic until several hours later when my mom told us
  43. Lindeman’s Framboise, an incredibly sweet but wonderful treat from Belgium
  44. Belhaven, a scotch ale from Scotland that was not a hit
  45. Sam Adam’s boston lager
  46. New Belgium’ Fat Tire
  47. An Irish brew at an Irish pub that may have been called McCormack or something along those lines
  48. An Indian beer, but I am not sure which one
  49. Zatec, a Czech beer
  50. Guinness, on tap.
  51. Sierra Nevada Pale ale
  52. Pyramid Apricot Ale
  53. Strongbow cider
  54. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Honey Lager Light
  55. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Bavarian Weiss, this was S.’s favorite
  56. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Water Street Amber
  57. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Pale Ale
  58. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Old World Oktoberfest
  59. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Munich Lager, this was my least favorite
  60. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Raspberry Weiss, I loved it
  61. Water Street brewery in Milwaukee’s Stout, Yummy, coffee flavored
  62. Rathskeller Amber Ale

Not bad for a one months trip!



  1. Damn, that is a lot of beer! My tastes are not quite as developed as yours, but I do like some Blue Moon and Apricot Ale. When I was home I went to BevMo and also was just completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of different beers I could have had!

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