Human Trafficking News from around the globe

Because this site has not had trafficking information recently and because I am too tired from all my site and friend seeing to write about it, today we will do a short run down of a few of the recent news stories on human trafficking:

  • From Canada Human Trafficking charges added to prior charges of child prostitution and pimping for Canadian couple.  More here.
  • According to the Times of Malta, human traffickers are more organized this year. This article looks a little at the trends and also highlights some recent tragedies. More here.
  • In Australia, legislation has been sent to parliment that would extend the current law that allows for prosecution for sex trafficking to include prosecution for labor trafficking as well.  More here.
  • IOM has started to work with Russian pop star Valeriya  as a goodwill ambassador to teach people about human trafficking. She says she is drawing on her past as a battered wife to help people break free. More here.
  • Ireland’s Department of Justice is planning a campaign on human trafficking for the country. Their main message is that it can happen anywhere. More here.
  • Bangladesh meeting underscores need for more concerted effort to confront human trafficking especially in rural areas. More here.
  • President of Nigeria pledges to fight human trafficking in his country. More here.
  • 20 young Filipino girls were rescued from human trafficking in the capitol of Manila.  This is a case of domestic trafficking. More here.
  • Belize police who were charged of human trafficking in February of 2007 had their case thrown out of court when police failed to produce a file.  The commissioner was so convinced of their guilt though that he had them re-arrested. More here.

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