Smallest coffee shop ever

Smallest coffee shop ever, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

So, this week I had the joy of coffee (or juice) with Mamacita Chilena and Transcultural Vogueing. After the first place we wanted to go was closed, we decided on Starbucks. I know, i know! I am in Chile and we go to Starbucks, right?? But, on the way, we saw this cute little cafe in Providencia next to Senatur. We went in and realized just how little it was. Now, please look at the picture again and remember that none of us is taller than 5 feet 6 inches!


  1. Yeah, it was like a coffee shop loft, mini-me’s coffee shop. But it did the trick.

    Hope your trip back went well! Good luck in the job hunt.

  2. Hard to imagine wearing coats and gloves in that scene when it my hit 100F in STL this weekend. Have you returned to the states? My youngest son is starting up marching band camp yet again. Hope all is well.

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