I wanna be a pokemona

In order to understand this post, it is necessary to know what a pokemon or pokemona is in the Chilean context.  Yes, here it is not just a Japanese anime series, but rather a style, a way of being, an urban tribe.  Which leads us to the next obvious question: what is an urban tribe or tribu urbana in Spanish? Basically, style in Chile amongst young people has turned into tribes who share a philosophy about everything from clothing to sexual relations… or in some cases, an anti-philosophy where anything goes.  Think along the lines of the punk movement in the 70s in England or the grunge in the 90s in the US.  Or along the likes of the punk movement here in Chile currently.  Anyway, the pokemons, as seen in the video, are characterized by hair that is iron flat and covers part or most of the face. 

Currently, my face has decided to relive adolescence.  In fact, the least part of adolescence for me.  The part that often made me feel like Rudolf or the moon´s surface.  The part where I broke out in horrible acne.  Now, to clarify, I didn´t have the acne that covered the entire face.  Instead, I had massively large, red, and painful pimples that liked to show up in very conspicuous places: the center of my forehead, the tip of my nose. 

So here is my logic, if I were a pokemona then no one would be able to see the second head that is growing in the middle of my forehead. Either that or I need to return to the point in my life when I had bangs– and I need to remember not to let my sister trim them!


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