Noise violation

There is a large boat in the harbor, no idea which boat, but it has been blowing its horn constantly, all day.  Here is my question, can I call the police and file a noise complaint? I am serious!



  1. I just wanted to tell you that I like your header picture. You’ve probably had it up for a while but I usually read your blog through Google reader so only the text shows up.

    Sorry if I’m late, but it’s a pretty picture 🙂

  2. Thanks Kyle!

    Also, update on the boat I wanted to report: 1) it is the USS George Washington, a US Navy boat and 2) it is still honking! It did all night.

  3. the boat in the harbor is the American aircraft carrier George Washington. The last few days have been foggy. Normally in foggy weather the valpo harbor patrol does not let tour boats into the harbor but the are making an exception because the aircraft carrier is here. The carrier blows its horn frequently so the other boats know where it is and how to maintain the designated perimeter set by the USA. So if you know any who thinks about taking the a ride, tell them no if it is foggy, I went today and saw nothing and only got half my money back.

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