Parent’s visit: Gysers de Tatio

Gysers de Tatio, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Like my sister’s visit, I have been bad abot blogging about my parent’s visit simply because of the sheer amount of things I have to say. But, I should start with something.

I really wanted to take my parents to the desert as they have never been to one. The only downfall of this plan was that it left time for meeting people (and host family) to only a few days. Still, we decided to go.

We traveled by plane to San Pedro de Atacama (actually to Calama and then took a transfer bus to the city). We had two full days to tour around the dessert, plus dinner and a walk around town the first night.

We ended up going to the Gysers of Tatio the morning of the first full day. Note: this was a terrible idea; if you go to San Pedro, leave the gysers for your last day. The trip starts at 430am with a van picking you up at your hotel. The van then goes up a very bad, bouncy, twisty road for 2 hours and reaches a 14000 feet height.

As you may have guessed, we had problems: we all got altitude sickness and I got car sick to boot. My mother actually started to turn blue (literally). We were all offered oxygen and in the end, brought home. Still… it was a beautiful trip and the gysers were amazing. Too bad my parents couldn’t enjoy them more.

Once we got back to San Pedro we all did start to feel better and the rest of the trip was more of a success.



  1. Yikes, we Midwesterners see altitudes over 1,500 feet above mean sea level as ‘high’. Sorry about your Mom… hope everyone is feeling better. Next time, take them to the Dead Sea… at over 1,200 feet below sea level, the oxygen level is some 8% denser than at sea level…. they might actually turn pink!

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