Still confounded by daylight saving time

I would like to start this post by apologizing to my parents. (soon everyone else will understand why).

Daylights saving really isn’t that complicated; in the spring one springs forward and in the fall one falls back. Got it? Most children can tell you that rhyme and the nightly news reminds you to do so. Easy. Right?

And yet, growing up, every year, my best fried, Jenna and her family would forget. And every spring the Monday after daylights saving I would get to her house– I always picked her up on the way to school– and the whole family would still be asleep. I would happily play Nintendo as I waited for her to get ready. Heaven forbid I go ahead, arriving at school on time but alone! And so, every year we were late.

Admittedly, Jenna has a propensity for being late and I can attest 98.5% of my tardies to her. I am not sure that my parents ever could understand how I would get in trouble for being late for school (4th grade on) when I clearly left our house in plenty of time.

But I digress.

Aside from Jenna, who I am sure has now mastered the art of daylights saving, I should be okay with daylights saving. I understand the concept. I watch the news. I know how to change a clock. I know the little play on words to remind me which way the clock is going. My cell phone and my computer change automatically anyway.

And yet, I missed it this year. I missed it this year and called my parents an hour later than I thought I was and I woke them up. Once again, sorry!

But, I have an excuse. Chile does have daylight savings time, but the seasons are reversed. So, when you spring forward, we fall back. To make matters more confusing, it doesn’t happen on the same day. Let me explain. Last week I lived 3 hours ahead of my parents (Midwest). Then, they had daylights saving and sprang forward leaving me only 2 hours ahead. At the end of the month, I will have daylights saving and fall back, leaving us only 1 hour apart.

Got it?



  1. i assume you already know this but Chile has delayed changing the clocks to help with the energy problem, in reality we should be on the same time as USA east coast. So in reality if this was last year you would have called your parents on time instead of early.

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