Tales of my visitors, Snippet 1

Kids and pup, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

I keep meaning to write. I want to. I have stories to tell. But, then I get overwhelmed so I return to applying for jobs. And then I turn down a job interview in Puerto Montt…. just didn’t seem feisible.

But, I digress.

Perhaps if I write the tales of my visitors in snippets, the telling will go better. If nothing else, at least it will go.

It was my neice’s birthday while she was here; she turned eight. Before she came there was some worry as to if she would get a birthday cake or not. Answer: yes. It was delicious and huge. I believe it was a hit. Why do I think this? Well, as she ate it she kept exclaiming “hey, there are huge chunks of SUGAR in here!!!!”. The cake was a raspberry and meringue tort. Yum.

Additionally, Mck and I went out for lunch for her birthday. We allowed her brother to stay at home with a case of sore tummy, her mum to sleep, and her dad to read a book. We brought Harley, the dog, along for the walk. As we were eating our salad, Mck turned to me and said, “Harley already gave me my present.” This was a surprise to me since generally dog owners are part of any gift the dog is giving… or at least any gift that the receiving person is happy about receiving. “What was it?” I asked, genuinely intrigued. “She let me take her on a walk and didn’t bite me once!” All of this was true.

In Harley’s defense, not to mention my lawyers would advise me to clarify, Harley has never bitten anyone. However, she is not fond of children and will generally bite, growl, and lunge when in their presence. My niece and nephew are no exception to the rule. In fact, they may be the personification of the rule. Harley as a pup was abused and run over by a tractor– that is, in fact, how I ended up getting a dog while living in Moldova. I didn’t want her to die so I took care of her. Then, I loved her to much and decided it sounded like a good idea for her to travel the world with me.

After arrival in America, Harley met Mck and Dill. At one point she witnessed a 2 year old’s ability to throw a temper tantrum and hit whoever is holding him. Unfortunately, that was me. Even more unfortunately, Harley tried to leap in the air while biting at me to protect him. They are not her favorite children ever since. This has not, however, dissuaded the kids at all from liking her. Like all children, McK and D are resiilient and they do try and win her over. Generally with hot dogs.

This trip, they finally won her over (you might have guessed by the above picture). I believe that there were a few key reasons she opted for liking them:

* in the metro in Santiago, faced with hoards of strangers or a known danger, she chose to walk between Mck and my sister.
* they continued to feed her homemade meatballs anytime the adults turned around.
* it was that or live in her “house” all week.



  1. Hahaha. Yes. I do actually know that she is eight. Closer to 13 than 4. Reasons why I should proof read. Alas, the error has been fixed. Hope you both got a good laugh.

  2. I want to hear the story of your close encounter with Dil’s upset stomach.

    Incidentally, from the version I heard, you now have some idea of what parenthood is really like.

  3. So how long did your family visit? How did the kids adjust. In 1999 Mary Anne and I took our kids (three at the time) to the Canary Islands for her brother’s wedding. The older two, then 9 and 7 took the trip very well… but Anne-Marie was 4 and did not like it so well… the flying and unfamiliar surroundings were hard on her. It was an incredible adventure though!

  4. I took one look at the picture and gasped! Harley sitting with children! Has hell frozen over, did pigs fly, has the fat lady sung??? Or, as you say, was it the meatballs? Either way, I’m proud of you Harley!! Growth is alway hard 🙂

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