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In a lot of ways, I think that Gloria Steinem has a good point. We need to spend less time talking about candidates race and gender and more time looking at what they stand for and what they would do should they be elected. That said, happy reading.
Op-Ed Contributor
Published: February 7, 2007

EVEN before Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton threw their exploratory committees into the ring, every reporter seemed to be asking which candidate are Americans more ready for, a white woman or a black man?

With all due respect to the journalistic dilemma of reporting two “firsts” at the same time — two viable presidential candidates who aren’t the usual white faces over collars and ties — I think this is a dumb and destructive question.

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  1. Good article. It looks like 200+ year reign of wealthy white men in the US may be coming to an end 🙂 I’m torn between both candidates, but will probably vote for Obama in the Ohio Primary next month. They both have great positions on science, which for most isn’t a top issue. But, it ranks up there for me.

    One other thing, reading the article made me think of Mt. Hope Cemetery where both Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass are buried. I went to school in Rochester, NY, and visited that hilly place many a time.

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