Who are you people?

It is that time again.  That time when I look at my stats page and think “good god, who are these people that find my site this way?”  That said, some very nice people have found my site, mostly I just like to look at the google searches.

  1. “dialogs for men who want to be pimps”- I am actually the first site that comes up when you search for this.  That said, I am not much help.
  2. “hairstyle before and after photos”- This would bring you to my DOG’s before and after picture.  I have a feeling this searcher was sorely disappointed.
  3. “village sex photos”- No!  None of these.  Ew!
  4. “Harley Polanco”- Does this actually refer to my dog and us living in Polanco???
  5. “what would happen if a men suck sperm”-  Nothing. Its a lifestyle choice and there is nothing wrong with it.
  6. “female sex blogs”- Again, I am disappointing my audience.
  7. “pregnancy inside videos”- are there any other kinds of pregnancy?
  8. “crab fishermen japan”- Sorry. I wrote about crab fisherman in Cambodia.
  9. “im squishing up my baby bumble bee”- I get a lot of thes.  Sadly, again I disappoint.
  10. “how to find a prostitute binghamton”- Sorry.  No help.

I guess google isn’t always the greatest way to find websites.  But, I am happy to have people find me.



  1. These are *usually* fun to do. It amazes me what people type into search engines, but I try to think about it when I’m searching online.

  2. The “hairstyle before and after photos” one was interesting to me. I remember doing image searches for that before and I kept finding pictures of dog, horses and lizards and stuff. Why don’t they show more pictures of PEOPLE when you search for that?

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