List of 6: New apartment, new things

I have been in my new place less than 24 hours, but I gotta say: things are different. And, since i have said it, I should probably share some of these differences:

  1. I picked up my dog’s poop and threw it away for the first time in 5 months. Ah, the differences between posh Viña del Mar (where I am now) and urban Valparaiso (where I was then).
  2. The view. This one will take me a while to get over. Last time I lived here (2000), I loved the view the entire time.
  3. Visitors. At my old place, a pension, visitors were not really allowed. I had managed some exceptions into my agreement with her and finagled more visitors (Deb and Seba) than any one else had had, but still. Here, as I was finishing up packing the car, Lu (who I live with but is currently in a different city) called to see if my host sister and her husband had arrived. Apparently, they were coming to visit and his mother had passed them the spare key. When I got here, they were already installed in the place, although out to dinner.
  4. Grass. Remember a while back when I blogged about Harley’s issues peeing with no grass and that whole learning experience? Well, not an issue anymore. Up in the barrio I live in, the streets are grass lined just like at home in Wisconsin.
  5. Dogs. Harley is no longer head hound and the big dogs here do not scatter out of her way like the did there. Also, the ones here are better fed.
  6. The new balcony has no drain for Harley to pee over; she checked. (She really is very smart and figured out that if she peed directly over the drain, it went out into the street and she didn’t get in trouble).

Admittedly, looking back on this list, the majority are Harley related. But, let’s face it, in the past 14 hours I have:

  • moved in
  • unpacked my kitchen stuff
  • ate a take-in dinner
  • showered
  • slept
  • walked the dog twice.

That should explain it. Perhaps the list will expand to a 10 point list once I have lived here a full day.


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