Photo Wednesday: An ocean view

New Apt, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Subject: What I see from my new bedroom window.

PS I was late and have been away as I am been moving. But it is all worth it, as you can see from the photo.



  1. Wow. Besides the obvious, I noticed the color to some of the roofs. I haven’t traveled much (and never outside the US), but it seems like whenever I’m up high, looking down on roofs that can’t be seen from the ground, they look rather utilitarian (at best).

    With all that blue water stretching out to the horizon, my eye isn’t drawn to them first, but it seems like a nice touch.

  2. Wow!! That is a terrific view! Looks like no matter how warm it gets, you always have an ocean breeze! We survived the holidays, lots of family and fun, but it is nice to have our space back to ourselves. The roofs in your picture kinda remind me of southern CA in the early 1970’s…. flat to slightly slanted, with some color mixed in. This was at Manhattan Beach, right along the NORTH Pacific Ocean vs the SOUTH, were you are now.

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