Test your logic

If you were the owner of a bus company that had buses running on the same tragecory between city A and city B every 15 minutes, what would you do if the bus for 16:45 broke down.  Keep in mind that in your bus company people have tickets for specific bus times and seats.  We are talking greyhound here, not city buses.

a) Have the 17:00 bus leave at 17:00 taking the 17:00 ticketed people, and the 17:15 leave at 17:15 taking the 17:15 people, while the 16:45 people continue to look on with tears in their eyes as each new bus arrives and is not theirs.

b) Have the people with the earliest tickets (16:45) get on the next bus and move up the time table.  Keep in mind that they buses are sitting around and can leave early o by 17:15 everyone is leaving on time.

c) Run around in cirles and rip your hair out.

If I were in charge, I would have gone with option b.  It seems win-win.

If I were Turbus Chile, I would choose option a.  Then when everyone (all 33 of them) came to complain after each subsequent bus left without them, I would be forced to revert to c. 

Sadly, I am not Turbus and no one asked my opinion. Also sadly no one reverted to option c. Finlly, not only did no one ask my opinion.  Several people asked me to please just go and wait quietely.  In fact, after they asked me (and the other 32 people) to wait quietely and stop asking several times, they announced over the loudspeakers that those waiting for the 16:45 bus to city B should just quietely wait and at some point a bus would show up.

Ugh. What a way to spend New Year´s eve.  And, no, I did not see fireworks.  Everyone flaked out on me and so in deciding between watching a really great fireworks show (with fireworks launched over the bay from 17 locatons) by myself or going to a friends house in Rancagua and watching Lord of the Rings, I ended up choosing the later.  I do hope that at some point I get to see the Valparaiso New Year´s display.  Perhaps next year.  Until then, I have this:`



  1. Hey that’s a shame…and pretty typical of Chilean customer relations (although you probably know that already!). New Year was fantastic here in Valpo-have a look at my blog-i hope you get to experience them next time.

    Happy New Year anyway!

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