Year in Review: 2007

Sometimes it is fun to look back and see where we have been and how far we have come. More often, it is fun to dream of what will be. That said, in blog meme world, it is the looking back that is most doable.

2007 was a great year for me, one that was full of fun and travel. Major accomplishments included: completing a 6 month practicum in Cambodia, graduating from my Master program, getting accepted by Fulbright Chile to do research (and bringing Harley with me), traveling (Cambodia, Chile, India, and Japan), the birth of my godson (as well as multiple other births and marriages), 2 relationships (ending in 2 breakups), and, of course, the birth of this blog (along with the moving of all archives from, my old blog).

Having pointed out the most important events, let’s look at the first line I wrote each month. I have excluded posts that were simply videos with no words or newspaper articles.

January– Just to help orient those who are unsure of where exactly Cambodia is, here are two maps:

February– There are a lot of things that I don’t understand here, but one law in particular stands out: it is illegal to drive in the daytime with your headlights on.

March– Although this is neither work nor Cambodia related, I wanted to say congratulations to Carla and her beautiful newborn son Agustin!

April– This weekend was the commune elections here in Cambodia.


June– Once again, I am posting a non-Cambodian, non-human-trafficking post; but it is none the less important.

July– A while back I read a piece called “Why men suck (and the women who have to)” in The F Word, Contemporary UK Feminism.

August– Hola from Chile where it is winter.

September– I am not endorsing this as I have not attended nor do I know the organizers; however, it does look interesting.

October– Waking up to middle school marching bands.

November– Harley has never figure out many of the things that most dogs know, for example, she doesn’t realize that cats are the enemy and she doesn’t seem to know that when one goes for a walk on a leash, the correct action is to run ahead and pull at the leash.

December– One weird fact about me is that I am almost 11 years younger than my only sister.



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