Before and After pictures

Haircut, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Harley got a haircut. She got a really really big haircut. She is almost unrecognizable. Now she can pretend to be a Chihuahua.

Last night the owner of the house I live in came home. Harley and I have lived here for over 5 months. Francis didn’t recognize her. Not only did she not recognize her, but her husband convinced her that he had bought a new dog for the house! He had her going with this story for over 5 minutes; all the while Harley was doing her I-am-happy-to-see-you dance.

Does she really look that different?



  1. Believe me. This is NOT what I asked for. The upside– she won’t need her hair cut again for a really long time and she is at no risk of heat stroke due to her thick mane.

  2. Clare it was great to catch up with you. E-mails may be impersonal but the alternative is no info…not good. Had a great time visiting your blog and will get a real life letter with pix in the mail for you. We are massivly busy with a week or so of peace coming up after next weekend. I like the pix of harley, but I think she looks better hairy. More soon Clare, keep the faith.

  3. POOR HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She might not get heat stroke, but now she might get sunburned!!!!

    She must have really given the groomers a very hard time……

  4. dear Clare,
    don’t worry. She (Harley) looks fine. You are a great caretaker and dog owner!
    thanks for update and pics, esp. i like teh cambodian one with costumes 🙂

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