Another 10

It’s still a fun project, even late, so here are the next 10 states:

  1. Hawaii: I lived on Red Hill for a summer with my sister and her family.  During that time I learned to surf and waited tables. It is actually the only point in my life when I have waited tables.  I also took my niece (then 2ish) to see fish at different aquariums and stores.  One store in particular had a fish tank you could walk through. At one point Mc noticed a fish and pointed at it and followed it with her finger while chanting “fishyfishyfishyfishyfishy” until the fish swam over her and she fell backwards trying to follow it with her head.  Its funny.  She started to cry (which was not funny), but then she spotted another fish and did it again.  This time I caught her.
  2. Illinois: Most of my memories of IL are driving through the state on my way to and from grad school in MO.  It is a long and monotonus drive.  ALso, one doesn´t realize how big a state it is until you have driven in… perferably after a final at 8pm while exhausted and with a dog next to you. But– my best time in IL was in Chicago with my parents.  I had to go to the consulate to get a visa to Chile and my mom´s calender was not full.  We took a family trip, bought shoes, went to the consulate, and saw Wicked.  BTW, if you haven´t seen Wicked and have the chance, please do.  I loved it!  Also, I keep meaning to post about it but haven´t. Alas. Someday.
  3. Indiana: I have to admit, Indiana has mostly been a drive-through state for me. But, Amy lives there and she is awesome– we went to grad school together. And, yes Mom, Amy the Hairdresser.  
  4. Iowa: I agree with Liza´s answer on this one: Even though Iowa shares a border with Wisconsin, I never thought of it as nearby. 
  5. Kansas: Hmm. I figure I have to have been here. But I am not really sure when.
  6. Kentucky: I really suck at this game. Also, I don´t even associate something or anything with this place. Except perhaps Kentucky fried chicken– which I can´t remember eating, and highly doubt its authenticity.  Which reminds me, I really dislike chicken fried steak.
  7. Louisiana: Never been here. However, when I lived in Dallas, Diane, my best friend, lived in Baton Rouge.  She was with Teach for America and I had just left Peace Corps.  We would play a little game: Whose school is worse off.  In this game we would compare her inner city school in Baton Rouge to mine in rural Moldova (poorest country in Europe).  Sadly, I often lost.  This really says a lot about the state of public schooling and its inequalities in America. If this appauls you, or even if it doesn´t, I would encourage you to go to your local library or bookstore (perferably the independent one) and pick up a copy of any of Kozol´s books on education in America. Good read and very insightful.  
  8. Maine: I was interested in Colby College, which is in Maine; however, they got taken off the list after repeatedly not sending me admission materials and viewbook stuff to my home in Chile.  Also, I had a good friend in college who was from there.
  9. Maryland: I was born here!!! That said, I moved soon after (4 months).  I did, however, years later go back to help my sister move to Baltimore.  This was not one of my better trips with my sister.  Here is what I remember: It was 140 degrees, her car had no airconditioning, she had a gazillion plants and one large tree that had to sit between my legs to fit in the car and I wasn´t allowed to open my window because her precious plants might get hurt.  Here is what she remembers: Clare was a brat.  In our defense… we were probably both right.
  10. Massachusetts: My sister went to college here and Boston is a city I would seriously consider living in.  I love the rights.  I think I could survive the winters. I have never driven in Boston and it kinda scares me. But, I do have an uncle and aunt there.  So on me to spend more time in list.

PS Just so you know Kyle over at is playing along too!

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  1. uh oh, I’ve fallen behind, I need to do this soon. I haven’t been to a lot of those states though so mine probably won’t be as interesting as yours.

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