Full House

No. Not the show.

The one I live in.

When I moved into this host family in high school, the house was pretty full.  The house itself is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom.  Except, the 0.5 of a bathroom is really just used as a closet.  The house isn´t big by any means, but it is cosy and it is home.  My host parents have three children, so with me there were four of us in the house: 3 girls and 1 boy.  Each bedroom held two people.  A tiny outdoor patio held a tiny dog who neiter endered the house or roamed in the slightly larger back patio.

Time has moved on and we have grown. The house has not. For Christmas we are: the parents (2), one daughter and her husband, one son and his girl friend, one younger daugter, one American (me), one dog of the house (a cocker with full run of all patios and rooms), my dog (who bosses around the other dog), Simon (the son´s girlfriend´s dog), one rabit (who along with all the dogs has free run of the house and all the patios), and a hamster (who sleeps all day and lives in a box). Yikes! Now the house is really full! 

And for those worried, yes, the rabbit is fine. The dogs have not tried to eat him, but do like to chase him if he obliges and runs.  He rarely obliges anymore.


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