Liza’s Meme (aka places I haven’t been)

So Liza is doing a great new ongoing meme in the spirit of those “where have you traveled” memes, she is going to spend the next few Fridays making lists of places she has traveled and some specific memory or association I have with each place. I, then, am going to take her list and add in my memories.

I hope some of you will play along too. (It doesn’t have to be on Fridays.) If you haven’t gone to all of these places, say something about why/why not, what you hope to do if you do travel there, or what you associate with the place. No 2 word cop-out answers, please!

Today, 10 states, plus a bonus — the District of Columbia, in alphabetical order (considering how much I have traveled, I think this first week is especially funny):

  1. Alabama: I have never been there. I can’t actually think of anyone I know from there. Obviously, I am not off to a good start with this meme type thing.
  2. Alaska: Never been there, either. However, I really want to go. When I was little, my grandmother lived with us. She took trips with an elder travel group; of all the trips I think that Alaska was her favorite. This in itself is funny because she hated the cold. That said, it also speaks to how beautiful Alaska must be.
  3. Arizona: Ah, Arizona, I am coming! I am coming. I don’t have any memories here yet– but I will soon. In April I am going to Mer and Rick’s wedding here. All I know is that I will wear red.
  4. Arkansas: Again, haven’t been here. Or at least, not that I remember. My peace corps group did have a kid we called Arkansas– that said, I didn’t like him.
  5. California: Ooo. One I have finally been to. I was here once last year for a conference. The conference was only okay– but I had great company (Kelly, Kheli, Kelsey, and Sharyn). Also, the best part of the trip was getting to go out with Dan and Helen, friends from WI who were in town that weekend for a wedding.
  6. Colorado: Again, one trip and one trip alone. Also, was my weekend to try and learn how to ski. Sadly, it didn’t really work. I did however have fun trying and I do like hot chocolate.
  7. Connecticut: I feel like we went through on my college visiting trip; also perhaps on the way to visit my sister when she was in college. But I don’t have any specific memories. My host sister lived there for a year through. So when I think of Connecticut, I think of her. Also, I never remember what the two letter abbreviation is; I still want to write conn. Isn’t it weird how some two letter abbreviations come so easily and other states we (I) hold on to the old way?
  8. Delaware: Hmm. Yet another place I have no memories of. I can name another friend who lived there– Jo, one of my roommates from Chile, ended up following a woman (now his wife) to the states and graduated from the University of Delaware.
  9. District of Columbia: If I were to move back to the states, this would be my first choices for places to work. I went to school at Georgetown so I have so many fabulous memories: from life on campus, to breakfast or drinks or both at Kramer’s, to walking from Georgetown to the Washington Monument to watch the sunrise.
  10. Florida: Again, another place I have only been once: for my sisters wedding. It was fabulous, she was running 45 minutes late, my host sister from Chile was there as was the one from Turkey. She had all of her bridesmaids wear green and I got to sit next to Liza.
  11. Georgia: Again, I have never been there. I suck at this meme (so far… wait until we get to really random cities most people have never heard of, then I will be all over the meme)


  1. I should have put this in my answers! Your sister’s wedding was my most fun trip to Florida.

    I will never forget the hilarious experience of all of us getting our hair done together: Half way through, I looked like the Cowardly Lion, you looked like aliens were sucking out your brain, your mom looked like “cartoon woman riding a motorcycle” … and yet we all looked beautiful by the time they were done.

  2. Ahh. See. It really is too bad that I do not have all my photos and bookcase here with me. If I did, I could have illustrated the Florida answer with pictures of said hair. 🙂 It would have been laughs all around.

  3. I think it is interesting that you associate places with people. Delaware, to me, is the state where corporations go to incorporate. And, no good rest areas — much better to stop in Maryland.

  4. I’m going to do this meme too, how fun!

    I haven’t been to most of those states either but I’ll do my best…and will probably just end up associating them all with people like you 🙂

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