Meme of 8 things

Julieta tagged me for a meme of 8 things.

Basically, the meme is a game of 8 where you have to:
– make a list of any 8 things.
– list the 8 things in your blog and explain the meme.
– select 8 people who should do the meme and list them here.
– leave a note on their blogs telling them about the meme.

Julieta did and interesting meme in that she talked about manifistations of christmas.  I think I will do my 8 along a similar line… christmas things or activities that I always think of when away for the holiday season (and away for the holiday season for me has meant that I was in Chile or in Moldova).

  1. My first Christmas in Chile was 104 degrees faregeight.  It still just does not seem like Xmas when it is summer.
  2. Despite the fact that Christmas falls in the middle of the summer, the influence of commercialization in the US and hollywood have created a situation where malls in Chile put up displays of snowmen and houses covered in snow in Chile and thoughout Latin America. On my calmer days, I find this hilarious; on my more cynical days, I am deeply saddened by it.  (And yes, I know the same happens in Texas and Florida as well, but at least technically they are not in the middle of summer).
  3. I miss the scent of fresh christmas trees that permeates houses in the states.  Conversly, there are tons of holiday smells that I really like: hot apple cider brewing, the tree, peppermint, etc.
  4. The knowledge that I will miss the dictionary game this year.  It is a family tradition that is more centered around New Years, but we start thinking about it on Christmas.  Basically, the game consists of having an unabridged dictionary and a group of people will pensils and paper.  One person has the dictionary (you take turns), and picks a word that noone knows.  THen each person writes a definition (the person with the dictionary writes the real definition).  Then the person with the dic. reads all the definitions outloud and people vote for which one they think is real.  You get points for getting people to vote for your fake def. and for having people not vote for your real definition.  Addmittedly, this is often the highlight of the holiday season for me and a great game for people of all ages. I never play it here.
  5. Mass here just wouldn´t be the same as it would be missing the gospel choir of my parent´s church back home.
  6. This year for New Years I am going to Valparaiso which is known for its New Years Fireworks.  It will be my first time seeing it.
  7. Last New years in Chile was for the milenium, I was technically in my host father´s van with the rest of the family.  We pulled over, had champaign, hugged each other, and watched fireworks on the sie of some random road.  My Aunt Nene and Uncle Miguel were there.
  8. No matter where I am, holidays are for families which is why I love them and why I always (no matter where I am) feel that I am missing out on a piece my other families.   

If you want to be tagged for this meme, just tell me and consider yourself tagged.



  1. I never would have thought you could have fun with a dictionary and a group of people.

    I will have you in my thoughts this Christmas although you are so very far away!

  2. It is a great game for people of all ages. In fact, my family has not let me live down a certain answer that I wrote as a fake definition when I was but seven years old. That summer we were at my grandparents house in upstate New York. They had an outhouse and a lake and no TV. My definition was “10 outhouses standing in a row”. Noone remembers what the word was, but oh do they remember the definition! See fun all around.

  3. There is a game called Balderdash that sounds like your dictionary game. It one of my wife’s favorites, and it comes with a bunch of pre-printed cards with words on them.

    It is amusing to think of snowmen in the middle of summer 🙂 And, it can be disheartening to see all the inflatable decorations at Christmas and now Halloween in the States. I’m just waiting for giant blow-up Crosses and rabbits on people’s lawns at Easter or turkeys at Thanksgiving. It does tend to get to be too much and it’s spreading to other holidays.

    We always had an artificial tree growing up in my family. But, since my wife and I got married and had kids, it’s been our tradition to go out as a family and pick out a tree. I do love the smell of pine in the house this time of year, and the cats leave it alone pretty much. We’ll see how Lily does this year since she’s walking.

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