Amira, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

A while back I blogged about how many weddings and babies are coming into my life this year. Well, I would like to start by welcoming baby Amira who is beautiful (as is her mother Norelle). Congratulations.

Then I would like to add two more weddings to the list:

Mashura, a friend from grad school is getting married next week in Tajikistan. Congratulations to her.


Kamil is getting married at the end of the month in Azerbaijan. Congratulations to him and his beautiful bride.

In Clare news, I take off tomorrow to attend a conference on human trafficking for the rest of the week.



  1. A few years ago, we had our weddings and babies year. I think it was like four weddings and I forget how many babies. Amira is cute 🙂 The daughter of some of our friends is named Amara.

    You have quite a few worldly friends! I thought it was far to go to my sister’s wedding in Florida next year.

  2. I can’t look at ppictures of babies. I end up wanting another, and I can’t afford another. Or I’d have one. 😉

    She is gorgeous!! In the sleep for a week stage I assume.

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Awww, what a cutie!

    I’m passing by to invite you to do this “meme” thing… I’m not sure what it is, I guess one of those things you pass along to other blogs… check out my blog to read the instructions…

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