Taller Cerro Polanco– A great place for gifts

Taller Cerro Polanco, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

I have mentioned before how much I like my little hill: Cerro Polanco. Today I wanted to highlight a store a store at the base of the hill, Taller Cerro Polanco. The store sells all kinds of homemade gifts, many of which are really really nice.

The mirrors at the store have become a staple back-up present for me when I am need to give a gift. They are practical, beautiful, and help to support a local business, a mother, a family, and the dream that this little hill can become a tourist destination.

She also sells knitted items, post cards, painting, jewlery boxes, ash trays, glass work, platters, jewelry and so much more.

To get to the store head east on Av. Argentina until you get to Calle Simpson (near Colon and Independencia). Take a left onto Simpson (it doesn’t go right). Walk one block and on the left hand side, next to the assessor, you will see the shop. The prices are vary reasonable.



  1. Simple. Fly to Chile. Take bus to Turbus bus terminal. Take bus to Valparaiso. Ask to get off at Argentina and Colon. Take a rt at the corner where it drops you off (about 1.5 hours later). Walk one block. Enter shop. Shop! 🙂

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