Question for my readers

It has been suggested to me that the center left is doing more to maintain the status quo, and thus subsequently the oppression of multiple peoples, than any other group.  This person suggested that if the far right, which admittedly has been gaining in momentum, were to be given free reign, the havoc that would ensue would lead to a revolution of the masses.  In this way, the multiple oppressions that are currently status quo would finally be broken.  Thoughts?



  1. Looking at Gandhi, MLK, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, oppression in their cases did lead to revolution. I am having a tough time following or accepting the logic. To me, it sounds as if they’re suggesting to allow the right to have power in order to cause revolution. That – that would be the *only* way or quickest way or the way with the least oppression and suffering. Do we want a violent volcanic eruption or the slow action of water carving a canyon? At times, it seems as if humans are only pushed to act with a fire under them.

    Looking at the issue of global warming, it seems as if there is a change slowly happening. People are seeing the effects and are realizing that we must alter our behaviors.

  2. I’ve been reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, and the short answer is that right wing policies would have a dramatic outcome for the poor and oppressed — by creating many, many more of them.

    It’s a brilliant book. Whoever made that suggestion to you couldn’t be more wrong.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Not that I agree with the person, but I think that was his point. That if the right took over, we would have many more poor, much more oppression and people would finally get angry enough to rise up and do something about it. As we are now, their just is not enough anger and condemnation of what is happening and so nothing really changes.


    I think you got the argument and also my problem with it. The whole idea that we allow rock bottom to come faster so that change does as well scares me because of all the people that would suffer in the fall.

    Also, as for global warming, do you think people are actually starting to see the problem and be ready to address it. I feel that it has gotten more publicity, thank you Al Gore, but that nothing is really being done yet.

  4. Clare…

    I should have explained better. In every case that Klein details in which right wing policies were enacted, the people responded with wide-spread protests and dissent… and that’s when the free market economists sent in the military. It was always a two-pronged approach. Introduce sweeping free-market reforms and shock the citizens into submission through brutality and repression.

  5. And I also think that all the talk about global warming (which I’ve been blogging about regularly this month) is mostly just talk. The three worst polluting nations in the western world (US, Canada, and Australia) aren’t doing a blessed thing to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

    Europe is far more progressive, but even their far-reaching proposals don’t go nearly far enough.

  6. The changes that I’ve been seeing are funnily enough being driven by the “free market” and consumers and individual states, but maybe I’m being naive. @Richard – I’ll have to check out your blog. The US is definitely one of the worst polluters in GHG and has not done much if anything at a Federal level. The rejection of the CAFE standards always blows my mind.

    Anecdotal examples of change (albeit slow): More hybrid cars on the roads, energy companies in a number of states are offering “green” energy choices (including my state of OH), and the dreading W-word (Wal-Mart). I may regret mentioning that last one.

    Sorry to sidetrack the original topic…I’ll take it over to Richard’s site 🙂

  7. Richard, I will have to look into the book…. although doubt I will find it down here.

    No worries about ramblings in the commentary… it is interesting, even if off topic.

  8. What?

    That was supposed to make sense?

    I didn’t see anything in there about cleaning or changing dirty underpants. You lost me.


    I’ll go get my dictionary…..

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