My survival of multiple Chilean earthquakes and tremors

As promised here, I am going to write about my experiences with earthquakes. I admit it— I am scared of earthquakes.  Tornados? No problem.  But the earth moving below me? No way. 

Chile is built along a fault line, so I have felt many many tremors here, although never anything huge.  The first time, I was 16 and had been in the country maybe a month.  I was at my host aunts house in the bedroom playing on the computer.  A baby was sleeping on the bed.  The entire room began to shake, and I remember watching mesmerized as the book shelves swayed.  As we were on the 7th floor, the movement was more drastic than if we had been on the ground.  As for me, I couldn´t move, totally froozen.  Even after it had passed, I couldn´t move.  Luckily, someone came to check on the infant (who was still sleeping) and calmed the gringa instead. 

The other earthquake that I specifically remember as being awful was one where i was in the shower.  My only thought was: “Please don´t be a really big one”.  I was afriad that if the house colapsed, the resuce workers would have to dig my naked body out of the bathroom.  This can´t be the greatest way to be found and/or returned to your country.  Just think, if it happened my grave could say “RIP Died clean”.



  1. I’m sorry, I’m petrified of tornados. I don’t know about earthquakes though, the only thing close I’ve ever felt is when they dynamite in the quarry and the house shakes a little bit.

  2. I’ve only been through one earthquake, and it was in New Jersey of all places. I was sleeping and remember hearing glasses shaking. Later, I asked my Dad about it, and he said it was an earthquake.

    My wife, two daughters, and I moved from NC to Ohio last year – out of hurricane country and back into the snow belt. It seems to be relatively safe in the Midwest besides the snow 😉 Too far from the Plains for many tornadoes.

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