Lesson of the Pineapple

Sometimes when you have a pineapple you know that its good and you are very excited about it. Sometimes you have a pineapple and you are less excited, you are wary that it might not be good, perhaps even damaging. You see the pineapple and you wonder if perhaps if should just be overlooked until a better pineapple comes along. You wish you had had more time find the perfect pineapple. Currently, I have created the second type of pineapple. Of course there are the people who make the decisions about pineapples. They might not see the same thing you do. They might think: “Hey, we should give that pineapple a try”. And then they might call you into a meeting and tell you to start the pineapple tomorrow. Now I am scared of the pineapple I created might blow-up.

Is that clear? Perhaps it will make more sense if when you read it you replace the word proposal, as in the one I have at my job.




  1. I was wondering if you were talking about pineapples. And, speaking of pineapples, I’ve always liked the fact that they are seen as a sign of “welcoming” to a new place. Apparently, ship captains would bring them back from voyages to present to people as a gift of hospitality.

    Can you make any connection with your proposal? :-s Who knows?

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