No worries

Despite the news of the earthquake, I am fine.  It was mainly centered in the north, although it was felt down here.  Thanks to everyone who has sent emails, facebook messages, etc for your concern.  And, let’s look at the bright side, now I have another topic for NaBloPoMo: My survival of multiple Chilean earthquakes and tremors.

More news about this particular earthquake, which was a 7.7, can be found here.



  1. At least the media in the United States noticed. It made the top news stories on Yahoo! where I promptly forgot why I had gone on the internet in the first place! Glad you are OK.

  2. I have been removed from the world here most of today and I just saw the news of the earthquake and you were the absolute first on my mind! So glad you are OK!!

  3. I missed this!?! Gosh, I cannot believe that I was lost in slumber, but then again this is per usual with me and earthquakes… I am happy to hear you are well.

  4. Glad u are OK. I was in a 5.4 CA earthquake (in Los Angeles) in 1973. I remember brushing my teeth, getting ready for school. the bathroom I shared with my parents (my sisters were in a loft upstairs) was full of small items, like makeup and aftershave. As I watched them fall out into the sink and onto the floor, it was then I realized an earthquake (centered 50 miles away) was underway. I ran into the kitchen of our A-frame apartment with an image I still have today – my parents, their heads moving in sync with a light fixture swinging back forth, like a pendulum, both holding coffee cups, totally absorbed by our first earthquake.

  5. Clare,
    Glad you are ok. Thanks for the email earlier today and the link above. Have only just found time to check here to see what has been going on.

  6. Clare- Glad to read you are ok. I was in meetings all day and just heard the news about the quake. Hope things are going well for me. Send me an update when you get a chance.


  7. One can’t help but worry. I’ve been through umpteen earthquakes back in California, but it’s something I can’t quite ever get used to. Good to hear you and yours are OK.

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