Day light saving time

Did you know that day light savings time happens in the opposite dirrection in some parts of the world?

For example, when I arrived in Chile, there was a 1 hour time difference with my parents and friends in WI and MO respectively.  However, as Spring advanced, a couple weeks ago, Chile sprang one hour forward making the difference 2 hours.  Today, the US fell back as winter is on its way, so we have a 3 hour difference.  Weird, huh?

Admittedly, this is a less than inspired blog posting, but I am less than inspired myself. Mostly, I am tired.  But it is still November, to the best of my recollections, and I am trying not to mess up this whole NaBloPoMo thing right at the kick off. Why am I so tired?  Well, last night was my friend Arlette’s wedding.  I promise one of the photos alone with tales of the night will be the Photo Wednesday shot this week.  Until then, I can tell you that the church was really far from the fiesta, tons of delicious food was served, I danced and danced, the bride was radiant, and I have never seen the couple so happy.  Moreover, I can tell you that I got home late, stayed up longer, and today am exhausted.


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