6 thoughts on “Photo Wednesday: Spring flowers bring November showers?

  1. I can deal with winters in Chile better when I am not in Santiago. For example, the friend who I was going to visit when I took this picture– his house is my favorite place to be in winter with the swimming pool iced over, the snow on the Andes and the feeling of being in a forest. That said, I am always happy when spring comes too.

  2. Great shot! We are getting colors here also, but the waning signs of Fall and Winter. A hard freeze in STL this morning and more cool wx next week. Kids are well, marchband season is over, now theatre, chess and wrestling are underway, quite a range, sisn’t it? But that is what makes life interesting. Enjoy the Spring….

  3. Hi Chileno.

    Thanks. I am surprised you have been to Coya. It’s so tiny and off the gringo path. I lived in Rancagua for over a year, so I have spent a bit of time up the road in Coya. The exact spot this pic was taken is near a friends house, so I am here at least 1 or 2 times a month. Still. Totally beautiful.

    Other great people to vote for are Webbed Feet, web log in the Asian blogs, Looky daddy in the parenting blogs, and Mombian in the LGBT blogs.

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