Perfecting procrastination

The truth is that right now I am a little overwhelmed with work and, as tends to happen in such situations, that means that I am perfecting procrastination. Such is my luck that November is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and so I am in!

To tell you, dear reader, the truth– I am not sure this will be easy for me. However, the difficulty will not be coming up with what to write about (I am not promising that it will be interesting, but there is always something, right?) More so, the difficulties will stem from travel and internet access. Although Chile is a very connected country (at least in the circles that I operate) when I travel I share online time with other people which means it is less, it is at odd hours, and that I have to use older, slower computers to post. That said, I will make the effort.

In the meantime, if you so wish, you may suggest topics for me to ramble about. I may or may not take your suggestions depending on my mood and if I think I have anything to say. That said, if you don’t suggest, then you do run the distinct risk of having a month of Harley stories ahead of you.



  1. For those of us planning to visit Chile, it would be neat to hear your list of must-see places or some of the more memorable places you have seen. And I suspect even non-trip planners might enjoy the topic.

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