Online videos

Mongkol posted a piece on Sand Art earlier today. I liked the three he had up, but not as much as the one my friend Gilda emailed me the other day.  Since I do think they are a neat idea and enthralling to watch, I decided to post Gilda’s.

While I was going through my archives looking at recent videos I had previewed, I ran across “The One Semester Spanish Love Song” that Soda sent me.  Since I am in a video sharing post at the moment, and I did laugh quite a bit each time I watched this video, I thought I would share it as well.

Perhaps tomorrow I will animate myself to write an actual post.  For now, enjoy!



  1. The sand art piece is great! My youngest, Mary-Kate loved the music and creations. As for the First Semester Spanish Song, anyone mastering a language can relate to that one. Very funny, very witty in any dialect. Do they have one for Latin?

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