10 things I can do without

  1. Waking up to middle school marching bands.
  2. People scheduling meetings (at times that are inconvenient for me) and then realizing that they need to leave within 20 minutes of my arrival.
  3. Rotten tomatoes.
  4. Decaf nescafe.
  5. Not enough sleep.
  6. Secretaries on personal calls who do not take a minute to ask what you need.
  7. People asking questions and not listening to the response before giving “advice”.
  8. Chilling wind that is blustering around despite beautiful blue skies.
  9. No bananas.
  10. Busy work to please others.

***And I had only been up for 2 hours when I made this list! Ugh! It is going to be one of those days.***



  1. I can definitely empathize with two of those UGHs. When Ryan and I were in Mexico this summer, the Nescafe really got to me; in San Francisco, we also have days where, when you look outside, you see the sun and blue skies and you think, “What a great day to get some reading done outdoors!”, but then you get outside with your book and your blanket and the wind is blowing so hard that you can’t stay on the same page for more than a second and the blanket keeps trying to get away from underneath you and fly with the wind. I hate it!

    Don’t let all that stuff get to you; it’s great that you have this outlet for venting sometimes! 🙂

  2. How about chaperoning 200 high school band marchers? Now that’s an experience! It went well enough, but I have learned to enjoy the quiet times even more now…. I find out after one of these experiences, I am not getting any younger. I love the band sound. It’s one way not to oversleep
    – Bill

  3. Hmm. Bill and Mary Anne. No thanks of the 200 high school marchers. Also, I have a growing appreciation for my parents and what they put up which while I was in the school band, marching band, and jazz band. Also, I am hoping that marching bands have gone out of style by the time I have school aged children. That or that my house has a sound proof practice studio.

  4. In our children’s HS, the marching band is GAINING in popularity. In fact, 10% of the HS is in the marching band. The mellowphone, french horn, trumpet and violin have all had a home here. I think that beats the drums and the whine of an electric guitar. Any yes, you should have growing appreciation everyday for all the practices, concerts and mass energy from a collection of teenagers your parents witnessed and experienced during your musical career. I love the band audio from your flat on the web site… Is someone getting even with you?

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