Google searches

Yep, its that time again, time for another post on how people find this blog. Why? Well, because people search for some crazy stuff; it makes me giggle (or be appalled). Thought I would share the feelings. In the last 7 days, these are 30 of the search engine results that brought people to Clare Says:

  1. “I sold my mother” – Shame on you!
  2. “japanese inside outside front” – Huh?
  3. “baby bumblebee food” – Don’t they suck juice out of flowers? (most unscientific answer ever—if this is for a science report, do not use my knowledge)
  4. “brain flower” – Okay, I understand how you got here. I call it that too. I have a link to a picture of one here.
  5. “blogs on prostitution” – I am going to give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume hope
  6. “have sex with young prostitute” – I am less inclined to give this person the benefit of the doubt!
  7. “does Canada have sex traficing?” -Yes. Want more info, ask K.
  8. “how to write a letter on outside” – I have no idea. Also, reading my blog probably won’t help.
  9. “to be inside is to be underneath” – Again, really not sure what you are looking for.
  10. “squished bee picture” – Nope. Just fried bees.
  11. “Donna Nicely” – Great commenter. But I can’t help you find her. Also, Donna, someone is googling you.
  12. “download Taboo III” – I thought that was a boardgame.
  13. “silly internet songs” – Sorry. There is a rap about human trafficking.
  14. “rules of beeping horn” – Mine were just made up rules. Sorry.
  15. “McCotter moldova -estonia 457” – No idea.
  16. “st. louis mountains and oceans” – Sorry to disappoint. I doubt you will find anything about this on my blog or anyone else’s. I lived in St. Louis during grad school and can safely tell you that it has no ocean or mountain.
  17. “dealing with brothels” – As in as a customer? As a law enforcement agency? As a trafficked individual?
  18. “lesbian sex traficking outside of the U.S.A.” – Not sure I am aware of lesbians being specifically targeted within the USA; although there is a higher rate of runaways among LGBT youth putting them in an at-risk group. Did you know that statistically within 72 hours of being on the street a child will be approached by either a john (customer) or a pimp? Scary stuff.
  19. “adopting trafficked children” – I know that several centers in Cambodia did have adoption programs and trafficked children; that said, they were never advertised that way.
  20. “MOLDOVA SEX” – I am assuming it is like sex any where else in the world.
  21. “finding prostitutes, Binghamton” – Never been to Binghamton and I really don’t think I would want to help you anyway. I have a feeling you are one of those people who was awfully disappointed by my musings.
  22. “sex tours southeast asia” – SHAME ON YOU!
  23. “ive found a little baby bumble bee” – So many people find this blog while searching for the lyrics to that song. I don’t have them here. But, try this place. In fact, if you google the song, I am the first site that pops up.
  24. “picture of potty training outside” – Nope. And I don’t even really know what you mean by outside. Do you mean like when you are camping?
  25. “pronouncing “jena” Louisiana” – Sorry.
  26. “negro aranguiz” – Hey! I know this guy. Sadly, he doesn’t read my blog.
  27. “drug sihanokville” – Sorry to disappoint. To my knowledge, its a place, not a drug. But, if you do go, stay at Two Fish.
  28. “purchase a sex traffic woman” – Why? To save them? Nicholas D.Kristof of the New York Times did.
  29. “Why did Java come in Cambodia?” – Not sure, but you can ask the owner if you are there. She is often in the restaurant, short, light brownish, curlyish hair. Also, who cares why? The food is fabulous!
  30. “women breastfeeding puppies videos” – This one has haunted me since back in the days of Coming2Cambodia. I am still not sure what they are looking for. I am sure it is not here. And yet, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t visit my site looking for something along these lines.


  1. Fun 🙂

    People have found my other blog by looking for
    Chilean men
    Chilean girls
    Chilean boobs
    Chilean girl boobs
    Cranky husband

    But nothing as exciting or odd as the things people hunt for when they find yours!

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