It all comes in waves

There was a period after college, I was living in Moldova, that I felt like everyone around me was having babies and getting married. I missed those occasions, because I was poor and in Moldova.Then we had a lull.

Apparently the next wave has hit. I am currently in Chile with a ten month contract, this is what I know is happening so far:


  • Mari got married in Germany (Sadly, I missed the wedding as it was my first month on the job). Mari is a friend from Georgetown who was an exchange student from Japan. She me her current husband, a German, while studying in Bosnia. Talk about international!
  • J eloped in Malta (I found out after the fact (via someone elses blog and then facebook and then an email), but I am sure I was not half as annoyed as his mother was)
  • Rick is getting married on Oct 5th in Lincoln Nebraska. (I am not going to be able to attend this wedding either). Rick was a friend from grad school.
    • Arlette is getting married in November (I will be attending this wedding as she is a friend from here in Viña del Mar and the wedding is just down the block). Arlette is currently a psychologist with the state child protection agency; we took an anthropology elective together in college.
    • L is getting married in December (civil ceremony) and probable in February (religious ceremony and big party). She is my host sister who I have known for 11 years. I have never seen her so happy. Besides getting married, she is two weeks away from graduating from medical school.
    • Mary is getting married in April in Pheonix, AZ. I am not only planning on attending this wedding, but she just asked me to be a bridesmaid! I can’t even start to explain how much I love her and her fiancé. Great people! Ironically, I also know Mer from Chile. She was in the same exchange program as I in 2000 and I continue to have lunch with her old host family every Sunday.

    Baptisms and Babies:

    • Three of my classmates from high school in Chile had babies within 2 months of one another at the beginning of this year; another three friends from home had kids (Congrats to Carla, Pancho, Yoselyn, Lakshmi, Sarah, and Habiba!!!)
    • Agustin, Carla’s kid, will be baptized and I will officially be named Godmother at a date to be announced but before I leave this country.
    • Pancho’s kid Pancho will also be being baptized soon.
    • Erin, another high school exchange student to Chile, should be having her little one any day now.
    • N, another recent graduate of GWB, is about several months out from having her little girl.

    and these are just the babies I know of of and can think of off the top of my head.

    Granted, these are not planned, and I think I have already had enough of them for the year. So, please—no more!

    • Tata, Carla’s grandfather passed away and last week I attended the funeral. He was ill, had lost his wife 9 months earlier, and was in pain. It was for the best. We knew it was coming. It was sad nonetheless.

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