Though the mountains divide, And the oceans are wide…

Deborah and Clare, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

It’s nice to know that the Disney song “It’s a Small World” was right. It really is a tiny world; the more I travel, the more I believe this is true. Here are my top 5 small world moments that come to mind:

  1. Traveling in Croatia with Joshie, I ran into Nicole and Brian who were in the Peace Corps with me in Moldova.
  2. In Cambodia, I ran into my former Peace Corps boss from Moldova. He introduced me to some of the Peace Corps Cambodia staff, one of whom has been in Peace Corps Thailand with Kheli, one of my best friends from grad school in St. Louis.
  3. My father had a minor surgery a few years back. His surgeon recognized him as the father of Clare, the girl who had beaten up his (the surgeon’s son 15 years earlier). **In my defense, I do not promote violence but Jon really deserved it and I was only 13 or so years old.
  4. When emailing a major journal and K and I are hoping to get published in, the guy responding to our inquiry turned out to be someone I knew from college when I was in the juggling club.
  5. The fellowship that I am on has 5 other people coming to Chile on research grants at the moment—out of many many more applicants. It turns out that one of the other 5 is someone who I knew when I lived in Chile in college. She was not in my exchange program but was a friend of a friend and we hung out a lot (almost 8 years ago). Now Deborah is here. The proof is in the picture.


  1. Es verdad que la vida da mucha, muchas vueltas y que el mundo es realmente un pañuelo y te sorprende más de una vez. Recorrí tu blog y el de lesbian family y me han parecido muy interesantes. Ah! Y son hermosas las fotos de Chile.

  2. Clare
    You are a fortunate individual that you meet those who remember you with fondness.
    Or perhaps you have a unique ability to leave behind a fondness that just has to be returned.

    Either way, wish thee well, in all ye endeavours.

  3. Looks like you’re really settling in! I should start a section on my blogroll, ‘Cambodia Alumni’.

    We’ve been working with some cheap digital cameras and video recorders for documentation – just for fun, and for project purposes. For the Clogger Summit, Beth Kanter brought over some kid videocameras that are rugged and really easy to use. I’ll keep you posted on how we use ’em!

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