Dog by day, Superhero by night.

Growl!, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

I went to see Harry Potter (again) with my landlady (LL), her husband (LH), and Lady, the other woman who rents a room here. It was in Spanish (actually for once not a bad translation). During the coming attractions, we saw one for Underdog. It went something like this:

Announcer (A): “My dog can sit”
On screen Dog sits.
I said to LH: “Harley can do that”
A: “My dog can roll over”
On screen Dog rolls over.
I said to LH: “Harley can do that”
A: “My dog can talk”
On screen Dog talks in English.
I said to LH: “Harley can’t do that!”

Despite the fact that Harley cannot talk (but Underdog can), I still say that my dog is the true hero. Here is my proof.

Flashback #1
Place: Nisporeni, Moldova
Year: 2004
Scene: An elderly man who now has Alzheimer and is known to be violent thinks he still lives in my apartment; he also thinks that it is 1975. I come home after a full day of teaching (and not using the school toilet) and run to the bathroom. Because of the state I am in, I forget to lock the door behind me. While I am “busy”, I hear the door open and Harley ferociously barking. I emerge to find said man standing one step into my apartment and Harley keeping him from entering further. The conversation went something like this.

Old Man (OM): Get out of my apartment.
Me: You don’t live here.
OM: What are you doing in my apartment.
Me: You don’t live here.
OM: What have you done with all my stuff?
Me: You don’t live here.
OM: That stuff was valuable!
Me: You don’t live here.
OM: If I could just get the money I hid in here.
Me: You don’t live here.
OM: Call off your hound and let me in my house.
Me: You don’t live here.
(I could continue, but I think you get the point).

Flashback #2
Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4th floor of a 4 floor walk up)
Year: 2006
Scene: My mom decided to rent Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She wanted a mindless action movie. And it was. About 20 min before the end of movie, Harley starts freaking out, running to door, throwing herself at the door, etc. Sideline to downstairs: One of the girls who lives here (her parents do actually, like me she was home on vacation) was talking to a guy from two doors down. When some guy wearing a hoodie came in. The girl went upstairs and her friend went to leave to go to his house when the would-be-robber, whose hand was in his pocket, asked him where the money was and insinuated that he had a gun. The neighbor man was not taking him seriously. The would-be-robber guy was getting agitated when my dad finally decided to take Harley for walk. Harley ran down the stairs bark bark barking and the would-be-robber guy ran away. The neighbor went home and called police who caught the man. He had a loaded gun. Therefore, at the moment, Harley is a hero.

Flashback #3
Place: Valparaiso, Chile
Year: 2007 (actually, about 30 minutes ago)
Scene: Harley and I came back from our midday walk to find LL sweeping the front steps and the sidewalk. I ask if she has her keys so that I can close the front door. She says to leave it open. Since Harley doesn’t know any better then to run off and get run over (again), I put her upstairs in my room and go off to do something. Suddenly, I hear Harley barking in her emergency voice– you know the voice you use when in trouble or hurt but not when simply yelling at the kids leaving the school downstairs or playing with friends. Fearing that she had hurt herself, I go running to my room. She is fine, but will not quite down. Turns out that someone had slipped into the house. LL had met the man as she was coming in. She yelled at him and asked what he was doing. She also frisked the man to make sure he hadn’t stolen anything. (My LL is like 5 foot 2 and 60 some years old, but very feisty). Had I not kept Harley locked in my room screaming like a banshee, I am sure she would have been happy to help my LL remind this man why he should never come here again.

See! My dog is a superhero.



  1. Again, your poor mom. But on the bright side I hope she is happy you have the pup!! My mother worries if I go to the store after dark and I’m 30. So that’s where I get it from i guess. Be safe!! Yeah Harley!

  2. Every dog I’ve every had (and I’ve had many) is my hero.

    I love dogs. Dogs defend and dogs defer and dogs rule and dogs protect and dogs are just dogs.

    Harley is so cute and loyal and wonderful. I’m glad you get to take him to Chile.

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