Toilet training


*** Thanks to Butterfly in Disguise for pointing me towards Natalie Dee‘s comics.

Unlike many of the people whose blogs I read, I don’t have to feel guilty about posting this as Harley will not grow up and be embarrassed by what I have posted– after all, my dog is and will continue to be illiterate.

That said– Harley is really helping me to focus on the green spaces or lack there of within different communities. My pup, like most trained dogs, gets taken for walks so taht she can go to the bathroom. She is accustomed to peeing on the grass or, at very least, over the dirt spot where grass should grown. I am learning that this actually is a useful skill as the dirt and/or grass absorbs all the liquid thus keeping her from getting dirty.

I had no noticed it at the time I moved in, but Cerro Polanco has very little greenery– let me rephrase that, besides the 15 plans that Fundacion Rescate Patrimonio planted last fall and several trees, there is no greenery in the hill. Additionally, there is not even any dirt space where grant could be placed– obviously and oversight in the urban architecture.

This has caused quite a problem for my pup– who can’t possibly begin to intellectualize the meaning behind the lack of greenery or the effect that it might have on the population. Rather, she is simply put off by the lack of bathroom and excess of concrete. After several days of moping and walking 8 blocks to the closest plaza, Harley had had enough. She decided that she would just pee on the concrete– heck, all the other dogs were doing it!

Having made this decision, Harley is now learning another less: gravity. You see, my puppy, is a princess and not only refuses to take walks in the rain but she also does not like it when the trickle of her tinkle comes close to her paws. When this happens, she jumps out of the way. And, while dry, has not concluded her business. The downside of this is that I have to take her for an additional walk an hour later. The upside is that I know my puppy doesn’t like to pee on herself.

Questions of directionality of urine aside, how does the lack of green space affect a community? Certainly, the city overall has lots of parks and meridians full of vegetation– there for oxygen is not really the issues. However, I think that the green spaces in an area make a place look significantly cleaner and more inviting. Little gardens make a place feel loved, and help to camouflage any garbage flying around the streets (not to mention the dog “business”).



  1. the lack of green space in valpo is a bit of an issue. even in posh cerro concepcion and alegre only a very lucky few get a garden. there’s no easily accessible park land and i don’t really count the plazas as green spaces. it’d be so nice if there were a large park in the middle of the city but hey, at least we have the sea and beaches to wander along…

    wish i could get a puppy. my girlfriend won’t let me. i’ll have to make do with my 2 cats and then maybe adopt a stray puppy when the girlf’s not paying attention…

  2. I think I am noticing the lack of green space with new eyes now– I really should wander over to cerro concepcion and alegre to have a gander. I actually, have never been in cerro alegre.

    As for getting a dog– I love mine so much. She is a great companion and wonderful pet. She is also a very good little world traveler. This is now the third country that Harley has lived in.

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