For all those Harley fans out there**

Harley in bed., originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Just a little picture from this weekend. As we can see, Harley is settling in quite well to the new house, the new country and the new language. She already knows the commands: sientate (sit), arriba (up), and a tu casita (get in your house). We are now working on manito (shake). This one is gonna take a bit longer– and some more meat.

**Note the title sounds much funnier in Spanish as everyone keeps pronouncing Harley like Harry and then there is the whole Harry Potter references. Heehee.



  1. I hope you’re not feeding this beautiful dog your Cambodian vermin specialities, aka your de-winged cockroaches, crickets and an assortment of tarantulas! While you had a penchant for flavored vermin of all sorts in Cambodia – including mixing them in with peanuts to make them party food for friends – I’d venture a guess that your dog is not the *connoisseur of vermin* like you are!

    Hope you’re having a blast in Chile. I just left Illinois and while it was nice, we indeed all know Michigan is the best state in this fair land. Best, C.

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