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Most people who know me won’t be very surprised by these results. Still great way to waste sometime on a rainy afternoon. Plus, if you go to the page it calls me “The Advocate”  which just seems fitting.


  1. So for comparison, I am an ENFJ, and your Mom is an INFP. E from me and P from mom? Wonder what Erin is? Mom and I would guess ENFJ.

  2. I am also ENFP, but I haven’t posted it yet.

    If Erin is not J, I will find a hat to eat. I’m going to make a completely different guess from you guys and go with INTJ.

  3. Ooo… for Erin, my guess would be ENTJ. Although I guess I can see why you would say, I. Hmm, I wonder. Erin, wanna jump in here?

    Also, Liza, I would offer you a hat, but I don’t think you would have to eat it.

  4. None of you should be surprised that I don’t remember what I am. Kevin knows. Can I do the test on-line somewhere? Promise to post the results.

  5. INTJ (good call, Liza!) — strong I, strong J. Kevin is an ESFP, strong E, strong P. So why does my family think I am extrovert? I am quite sure I have always been a strong I (to which my best frient & spouse would surely agree). Hmm.

  6. Hmm. Erin, I think I would have said E, but not as E as I am partly because of you having groups of friends and because of debate. But I can see the other. Plus, I think I measure you at least off of mom and dad and where you would fall on that continuum. It was the J and the T I was more sure of. That Kev is strong E could hardly be a surprise to anyone!

    As for blogger profiles. Not sure. I am sure the E defiantly helps. It is kinda funny that Liza and I have similar profiles.

  7. Yea. I was noticing how different we were on the types of learning too. I wonder where mom and dad fall on that. I think it wasn’t surprising that mine came out with musical and linguistic so high.

  8. I would have guessed linguistic but not that musical would have been higher. So if I can just find a song that really annoys you, I can get it stuck in your head easily. What fun a sister can have!

  9. I think linguistic was lower only because I had to answer sometimes to phrases like “I like to use really big words in sentences” but I had to say always for things like “I can hear a song once and know all the lyrics”. There linguistic barely asked questions about understanding other languages. Also, as for songs, not sure. But I can remember one song from childhood that Dad hated. All you had to do was a hand motion to get him going. I wonder if that is because he is musical too.

  10. So interesting that you all picked “E” — I think Erin is strongly I, but that she’s learned a lot of useful “E” survival skills.

    I saw debate etc as part of her “Strategist” profile, not something she gains energy from. A true E would have loathed Erin’s last job, sitting alone in a room just researching and writing, sometimes going days without a live conversation at the office. Whereas it was Erin’s favorite job ever.

  11. The parts of these quizzes that resonated with me for why I blog were partly the Advocate thing, which Clare and I share. There are things I care about and MUST have a forum where I can discuss them.

    But the other parts were more on the multiple intelligences quiz, where Clare’s and my results look very different. For me, it’s the combo of the “intrapersonal” and the verbal/linguistic. BTW, I think it’s funny that Clare is so musical, and that was my lowest score, 10%.

  12. I would agree that the advocate part had to have something to do with it. I think though if you look at what we write about you see the difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal. I tend to blog about things outside of me– the counter trafficking movement, life on the hill (as in cerro polanco– these are mostly forth coming and in progress), or ethical issues (but from an exterior looking over, not an internal debate). Liza (over at for those who haven’t been) tends to write much more of herself and from herself.

    As for me being musical… its one of the best ways I learn languages– through music. In high school, after returning from Chile, to do grammar tests, I used to sing songs to make sure I had the right form of the verbs. Did the same thing in college with Japanese.

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