I can eat a grasshopper in one bite– see???

Grasshopper, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

So, in an earlier blog about eating bees, I had said that before I left Cambodia I would eat a tarantula. Sadly, I did not. My friend, Samnang, who I was going to go do that with got terribly ill. (In fact, I think she still is quite sick, so send happy healthy thoughts towards her in Cambodia please.) Because of this, and my general lack of time and being completely overwhelmed, I failed to do several things including eating a spider. I did, however, in my last night out on the town eat not 1, but 2 grasshoppers. They were yummy. Crunchy. Filled with peanuts.

Now there, before we go on about how gross this is (like some people did that night, ehem, Christina) Cambodians (and many other Asian cultures) enjoy eating all different bugs. The night market in Cambodia was really impressive with the assortment of things that are sold there. They are after all fried, so that should get rid of any disease they have from being on or in the ground. Also, Angelina Jolie has done it so why can’t I?



  1. Well, what the camera doesn’t capture is Christina running around the bar screaming “oh my god, i can’t believe you are doing this, i can’t be friends with you, eww…” and so on. So, I was proud of myself. And to prove her wrong– I had a second one. 🙂

  2. Kels– road kill?? What no story?? Please do tell. My host family in Moldova swerved to hit a bunny while I was in the car and they ate it. I, however, was vegetarian at site and did not partake in the roadkill.

    Heather- I am sure you could do it too, however it is unlikely that you will ever have to. But think how you could use it with the kids. If mom can eat a _____, you can eat your veggies.

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