Update on the move

Hola from Chile where it is winter.  I knew, intellectually, that it was winter. I have actually done this jump from WI summer to Chile winters in the past.  However, my body simply is not accepting the fact that after 6 months of summer weather in Cambodia– most of which was too hot for my taste, I am now in one of the coldest winters that Chile has ever had.  As we speak my fingers are freezings and I am still tightly tucked under my bed covers.

In other move news, I still don’t know where I will be living.  For the moment I am in a “pensión”, basically a woman has rented me a room in her house.  The house is amazing, built in 1912 and fairly well maintained.  Actually, people in the vicinity refer to it as the castle.  It is at the beginning of one of the hills near the center of Valparaiso.  The woman who owns the house has one other room rented out to a student at the Catholic University of Valparaiso.  The rest of the house is empty– except when her husband, children, and grandchildren come home on the weekends. She is really excited about having Harley here– which is great. She is significantly less excited about letting me use the kitchen– which is not great. We will see how this works out. The plan, for the moment, is for me to keep looking for places.  But part of me is just sick of apartment hunting and living out of suitcases.  I really just want to move in somewhere.



  1. I had no idea it was winter there. I am dumb enough to have thought it was warm in Chile all the time. I think I need to work on my edukation, no? 😉

    Hope you find a place real soon!

  2. Actually. Its totally common for people to think Chile doesn’t actually get Chile. I think because people assume South America is all tropical. But really Chile extends all the way down to antartica. So its like northern in the states. The other thing that is confusing is that the southern hemisphere has the seasons opposite of what we have in the northern. So summer here is winter there.

  3. We are in the midst of the first severe heatwave of the Summer season here in STL. I will be assisting a marching band camp with my younger son and about 180 other high schools students at a YMCA resort called ‘Trout Lodge’. I will be in the company of around 30 adults (includes band instructors). I will take abit of that southern hemisphere cooling to beat down the anticipated high temperature of 101F on Thursday when we depart STL for the camp. Oh yes, we take the buses with ‘270’ cooling – 70 MPH with both windows open!

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