Photo Wednesday: Another night; another flight


Sunrise Sunset, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

I thought this photo was particularly poignant considering my recent schedule. This was my first view—although not much of a view—of Valparaiso this morning as my plane was descending to land Santiago. Yet another evening sleeping on a plane; yet another morning waking up in a new place.

About Clare

I am a social worker who lives abroad, moves every couple of years with my daughter and my pup, works in development, loves food and taking pictures, and writes for fun and for friends back home. Home being the many places I have lived and those I have left behind with each move. All opinions expressed here are my own and not that of my employer.

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  1. Great pic… blends perfectly with your narration. Back in 1996, my family flew to LA for a wedding and witnessed a full lunar eclipse during the 4 hour flight. STL was totally clouded over when we left, which gave us something we would have otherwise missed.

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