I’m leaving on a jet plane…

People complain all the time about airports being difficult to manage nowadays.  There are tons of reasons that people miss their flights: flights are cancelled; traffic; not having the correct forms of id, etc.  Lines at the airports are longer too.  I, personally, have had lots of “issues” with flying in the recent past.

This is my favorite, and most ridiculous, story yet.

Soda was visiting me this week and was meant to return home on Wednesday evening.  Very nicely, American Airlines called where her plane was delayed from 7pm to 910pm.  Therefore, we went out and have a nice dinner before she left.  I got her to the airport just after 8 (in Milwaukee 1 hour is MORE than enough time). We went downstairs to the American ticket counter and no one was there.  We asked the United guy and he tried calling people (granted the phone at the empty desk rang when he tried to call someone).  A leaving employee from American also promised to call someone (again the phone at the empty desk rang).

After 20 minutes, I went in search of help.  I found it in the form of the information desk where they pages any American employee to come help the customers standing in line at their ticket counter.  This helpful woman also told me that American closes its ticket check in at 8pm.

Finally, we did get help.  Soda, however, did not get home.  It seems that the security check in people had gone home for the evening and she could not get through security.  Oh well!  She left on Thursday night instead.

True story. Swear.


One comment

  1. Dear Clare,

    Thanks for your note. I appreciate reading about how you are doing and, most of all, know where you are at any given time.
    My parents said they had a nice time visiting with you and your parents this summer. I would have like to have been there but I only knew about it the day before they came and I was feeling rather ill on Saturday. Brian and I hope to visit Milwaukee sometime – your parents invited us up and it would be great to see them again.

    I am looking for another job. The school where I worked and had signed on for another year lost its contract with the St. Louis City School District, so the entire teachiing staff was laid off. I am looking for a non-teaching position; I think it is time for a change which will allow me to go back to school.

    Hope all is going well with you.

    Take care,
    Pat 🙂

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